Friday, November 13, 2009

Twitter Lists : The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Last week I was at a Social Media Breakfast event Paul Chaney talked about the watchwords of the new web being aggregate, curate and filter content. This sumarizes twitter's new list functionality perfectly.  I personally have been longing for a way to combine my contacts, since I started down this crazy twitter road, so I just love this. The icing on the cake is that I can also categorize and share lists of the people that I think other people should get to know. This has the potential of making twitter much more powerful for me.

I have made my own twitter lists for the hospital and for myself, but what I have really enjoyed is finding other peoples lists and subscribing to them.

Here are some of my FAVORITE lists so far. 

Ed Bennett's US Hospitals List

Dr. V's Health Care and Social Media

Lee Aase Healthcare Tweeps

Stephanie Thum Clinicians

Why Mommy's Cancer Fighting

CyberDad's NCI Cancer Centers
My Lists

I also saw this yesterday, an aggregation by the New York Times of their lists. ( I really like this and hope to see more of it from organizations. I know that I hope we can create something like this soon.

What are your favorite lists so far? Please add them to comments and share the love!