Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shameless Promotion of Web 2.0 Projects

Now that we have launched the first phase of our web 2.0 presence, here begins the fun. It is time to start spreading the word. As a former marketer I would expect that I would be full of ideas on how to do that. All of the things that immediately spring to mind for me include shameless self promotion, since that is not how social media works, my list to date is short.

- Added the links to the newsroom page
- Sending out an e-mail message to our subscriber list letting them know we are there
- Asking everyone I know using these social media tools to join and share with their contacts

Next week I am meeting with internal communications, they can help in getting the word out in house. That is a group of 17,000 possible followers and friends. Maybe they know some others that might be interested?

Do you have any ideas on what else I can do to promote theses tools

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ddeleon said...

Manager's Forum.

How about "a social media minute" or some really short presentation at every Manager's Forum in which managers/execs learn about social media and how it can be used to promote M. D. Anderson and what we offer here?

Maybe the demo/presentation is someone talking (testimonials or you explaining) or maybe it's a video. You can use specific M. D. Anderson social media info OR general social media info - like the Common Craft videos.

If a Common Craft video is not work-oriented enough, maybe we need to start making our own tiny videos to explain how social media will work for M. D. Anderson.