Friday, June 20, 2008

Joining the Conversation

Late last week "the institution" made a big step forward in our journey into web 2.0.

We participated in the conversation!

Not anonymous, not a friendly "Thanks" to a fan speaking positively but a public high profile post with a name attached to a negative comment made about us by one of are larger non-fans. I was so proud of us that day. We responded with a straight in a short but effective statement that was posted within few hours of the blog being put up.

In typical blog fashion the conversation within the comments turned from the actual post to comments directly to our comment. Our post changed the level of responses, into a real conversation about what we are doing, what our position is, where we really stand in the debate. There were lots of commenter's taking our side, and only a few still voicing disapproval. The best part for me were posts cheering us on for stepping into the conversation.

This one step out into the fray has opened doors for us across social media channels. I expect it will help the internal critics to understand that 1) At the moment this form of communication is not going away 2) Ignoring it does not improve the brand

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