Monday, December 29, 2008

Measuring Impact

One of the things that I have yet to master in this position is how to collect and measure the impact of our use of social media in spreading our message. Currently I have this crazy 8 tabbed excel document where I collect statistics from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Podcast listens, and blogger mentions.

I am not sure what each piece really means but when I put it all together on the summary page, I think the numbers tell a story.

The one problem I have with collecting this report is the fact that is has been up to this point so manual. However, I am starting to find all kinds of great little tools that wrap the data up in a nice format that makes it easy to dump into my report.

Today I happened upon a really nice tool called Twitterholic! Twitterholic gives me all pf the twitter stats I really care about aside from our mentions... which I pull from my SM2 reports anyway. You can also get competitive data!

Do you have any tools that you use to collect data, that you would care to share with the readers? If so leave comments! I am really exited to see what else might be out there to help us to really understand the impact of social media use in buisness / healthcare communications.

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