Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Promoting Video Content Outside of the Main Site

I have been asked a number of times about the "point" of posting our videos on YouTube. Yesterday I got another question about this. New concerns were expressed over the perception that our content is not as viral as other content on Youtube. Is it worth the effort?

Here are the highlights of my response, with some additions for context ...

Yes, it is true that people may not be specifically looking for videos on health care, as much as they may search for other things. But what they are searching for is content on their condition. As we know many of those searches start in Google. Now that Google has started offering blended search results (meaning photos, video, blogs all come up as search results), we would be missing a real opportunity to promote our content to a broader audience, beyond subscribed readers of the on-line publication.

We have only had 7,600 video views on youtube since we launched in July of 2007. True 7,600 video views may seem like a small number, but hopefully that equals 7,600 people who found the information on their condition that they we looking for, or who saw the human side of treatment here.

This is free promotion of the content that you are already creating for the main site. Despite the low numbers I encourage you to continue to create video content, and continue promote it outside of website.

Also keep in mind that Youtube is not the only place where that video content can live. Each video that is posted on Youtube should also be posted on Google video, Yahoo video, IcYou.com and Scivee for research and scientific based content.

Hope this helps to clear things up.


Adi Espat said...

hey! love this new idea. i've subscribed to your blog.

Jennifer Texada said...

Update to this post:

Its been about 6 weeks, and we now have over 11, 800 views of the videos on our Youtube channel.

I think that the social distribution of our youtube content is going to bring us even greater viewer numbers!